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                 PROJECT 2 - PORTUGAL

                           Mem-Soares Castelo De Vide Portugal stands in thirty three acres of                                         unspoilt rural landscape, it is four kilometres from the old medevil   town of Castelo De Vide and just two hours drive from the Capital Lisbon, and two hours   away from Fatima. It borders the National park and is only twenty kilometres from the   Spanish border. There are numerous sights and interesting buildings and churches in the   nearby town of Castelo De Vide, the oldest synagogue in Portugal is in the medevil part   of town and is now a very interesting museum. The view from Our Lady of Phena Chapel   on top of a nearby hill are stunning. There  are forty four mixed bedroom types all with on- suite bathrooms and toilets. a pilgrims lounge with TV, a large dining room to   accomodate fifty diners. There is also a large private consecrated chapel, and a smaller   private chapel upstairs for private prayer and adoration, a small cafe, a large open air   swimming pool with adjoining changing rooms. There is also a small  apartment block   with seven apartments of one and two bedroom apartments. The surrounding land of thirty three acres belongs to the retreat house and has a small farm with a shepherd, and   numerous sheep, large olive groves, and cork trees.


 The whole property and land are in the process of being a source of interest for 'Love Heals   Body Mind & Spirit' Ministry to purchase through its registered charity:

'Love Heals Body Mind & Spirit Ministry'.

 If you are interested in helping 'Love Heals Body Mind & Spirit Ministry' in either of   the  projects, either by donating to the charity or by gift aid, or alternately contact us on   our contact page or our donate page, to offer help towards raising the funds required. 

 Love Heals Body Mind & Spirit Ministry is a registered charity with the Charity   Commission UK: Charity Registration Number - 1174317

                  PROJECT 1 - INDIA


                                                                     Love Heals Body Mind & Spirit Ministry have been closely                                                                                associated with the Medical Sisters of St Joseph's since the                                                                                  Love Heals Body Mind & Spirit Ministry was originally                                                                                      founded in 2004. In November 2016 nine of the UK team                                                                                    were officially initiated as associate members of the lay order                                              of  the Medical Sisters of St Joseph's. All of the team have visited the Mother                                                  House in Kerela and also stayed at the Retreat House at St Josephs Hospital                                                  Vadakkencherry Palakkad Kerala at various times.

                         The Crucifix shown above was donated to the Sisters and the Hospital by the                                                 Ministry, at the time there was nowhere for the Sisters or the visitors to the                                                   hospital or the retreat house to go and sit before our Lord and reflect, the                                                       ministry have also donated a life size statue of St Joseph to the retreat house.

                         In collaboration with the Medical Sisters of St Joseph the Love Heals Ministry                                               raised the funds to purchase an electric generator for the hospital adjacent to                                                 the retreat house, this alleviated the problem the hospital had with the power cuts that                               kept occurring, they can now plan operations, x-rays, and all other tasks that require                                     constant electrical power. 

                 Further funds have been raised and donated to the orphanage, maintained and                                             run by the Sisters. The Ministries connections with the Sisters is also a  deep                                                   spiritual one, and the retreats with them over the years have always been both                                             deeply spiritual and filled with a sense of what it is that God wants us to do to help those                           in great need. The Ministry will continue to work with the Sisters and assist both                                         financially and hands on to any need that they and the Lord requires. 

                         If you are interested in donating or helping the Ministry to raise funds for the                                               Sisters,  please go to our Donate site or our Contact site.

                 Love Heals Body Mind & Spirit Ministry is a registered charity with the

                         Charity Commission UK: Charity Number - 1174317


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