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Sister Betty's Meditation on Love Heals


One day whilst I was praying alone, the Holy Spirit within took me on a mountain top, in the night. It was so calm, so still. All was dark, yet a brilliant ray of light was coming closer and closer to me. In this brilliance I could see the earth. I prostrated on the ground and kissed the earth. I could sense a life giving power while I touched the ground. When I got upI  could see a man, looking very thin and miserable. His face was disfigured; withdrawn and depressed, with a renewed compassion I touched his shoulders. I was able to sense something spiritual in my touch. An abundance of life giving and loving vibrations were coming out from my hand and it was penetrating through and through that man. As perfume percolates the containing vessel, like fire pemetating the iron rod, warming and kindling it, this touch was flowing down until it reached the innermost depth  of the person. Suddenly his face started shining and there was a joyful smile on his face. He was catching hold of my hands. 

I beleive this was a vision from heaven giving me the message of Holistic healing and my entire medical profession started moving in the direction of of wholeness and holiness. An expanded consciouness flooded my whole being and I felt the body - mind - spirit relationship within me uniting together. 

Then I was told by the Lord it is good to be alive and healthy. I realised that the divine uncreated energies of God's Trinitarian life flowing through me , in every part, in every level. I felt a deep union with Christ. I am a branch and Jesus is the vine. I breath in His breath. I am alive with His life 
'I have come to give you life, life in abundance' (John 10 - 10). 
This has  already happened to me.

All those who are engage in healing ministry should be persons of wholeness and holiness. A divine touch over their hands should happen. It is a super quality touch which emanates from every healer, healing many ailments of people

Saint Theresa of Calcutta tells of  this healing touch in the work of her sisters among the destitute. Mother used to tell her sisters "When you touch the poor, Like the priest touching the body of Christ on the altar you are also touching the body of Christ. Give them same love and tenderness as you are giving to Christ".
One of the sissters came to meet Mother after work. Her face was shinig with joy. She said "I have been touching the body of Christ for three hours". Mother asked what she was doing. She took Mother to a man covered in maggots. He had been picked from a drain. Sister said "I have been taking care of him, I was touching Christ. I knew it was him".

This divine touch is always holisitc, healing body - mind - spirit. It touches the soul giving a tremendous flow of  love energy within which heals the mind and body also. 
Divine touch bring new life into the whole universe, a new life for humanity especially for all that are sick and downtrodden.

Two hands of Jesus are given today to all members in the medical field and all those who are engaged in healing ministry.
The good news for you is that the team members of Love -  Heals -  Body - Mind - Spirit of the UK are waiting to touch you with the hands of Jesus.





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