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Our Business Plan

We are a UK charity dedicated to the treatment of addiction and the alleviation of spiritual or material poverty.

Our main activity areas are:

  • Retreat activities

  • Rehabilitation activities

  • Respite activities

  • Fundraising activities.


Our treatment approach is summed up by our name: love heals body mind and spirit – this is an explicitly holistic approach combining these three dimensions in a tried and tested way.

The next stage of our charity’s development is to purchase a property in Castel De Vide, Portugal, to host the retreat, rehabilitation and respite activities.  In order to achieve this we are currently focussing our fundraising activities on our aim of raising £1 million. This business plan sets out the information to enable potential donors to understand our aims, beliefs, methods and activities in more detail.

You can contact us as follows:
Chair and main contact: David Brum, 37 Heath Drive, Raynes Park, Wimbledon SW20 9BE
Tel: 020 8542 2476

If you'd like to read our full business plan you can download the PDF by clicking the link below.

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