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Staircase of Life Prayer


Jesus and Mary, we ask for the gift of visualisation, enabling us to picture ourselves walking with you up this staircase.

Heal the hurts and pains of each year, filling in the gaps between the love we needed and the love we received.

I see myself born as a little infant into your hands. Take me, Jesus, and walk me through the first year of my life.

Touch, heal and make me whole.

Come into the second year of my life and heal the traumas, especially rejections by any other children in the family.

Lord I see you carrying me through the third year, healing the hurts and filling me with the love I needed.

Through the fourth year I thank you Lord, for healing the hurts, pains, and fears of life, especially those associated

with my family.

Take me gently through the fifth year, Lord. Thank you for walking with me through the first five years of my life.

In the sixth year, Lord, let me experience healing, peace, joy, love and life because of your healing touch.

Heal all the hurts of the seventh year, Lord: pains of going to school, a new teacher, strange children, the trauma of studies, and fears associated with moving.

Take me gently into the eighth year,. Thank you for carrying me lovingly through this year. Mary, supply a mother’s

love that was needed at this time, perhaps because my mother was sick or in the hospital. Please make up for any deprivation in the eighth year.

Lord supply me love in the ninth year; especially supply the affection from my father that I needed and did not receive. Thank you Lord.

Thank you for the healing in the tenth year of my life. Heal any anger I have towards my parents. Touch that anger

and give me a sense of security, in knowing that I am loved. Thank you, Lord, for healing the first ten years of my life.

In the eleventh year, Lord, I become self conscious about my appearance. Touch Heal and make me whole.

Thank you, for healing the twelfth year. Set me free from all the fear and guilt, especially sexual guilt.

Thank you, Jesus.

Take me into the thirteenth year, Lord. Set me free from the self-consciousness I felt for being a teenager.

Jesus, I picture you and Mary walking with me in the fourteenth year. Mary, supply large doses of mother’s love.

Give me a sense of being loved, esteemed and valued.

Touch me gently in the fifteenth year. Lord give me a sense of security in this year amidst all my insecurities.

Thank you Lord, for the healings of the first fifteen years of my life.

Touch me now in the sixteenth year, Lord. Heal this difficult period.

Take me gently into the seventeenth year, especially times when I hated everything about myself.

Give me a sense of love and acceptance.

Into the eighteenth and nineteenth years, touch and make me whole. Heal all the traumas of late teenage years,

especially in the area of sexual guilt.

Lord, touch me deeply in the twentieth year when I was rejected by people of the opposite sex. Touch me and set me

free. Take me through the years of the twenties, touching and healing the hurts and pains of interpersonal relationships.

Lord, I see you taking me into the twenty first year, supplying all my needs.

Thank you for being there in the twenty second year, healing tensions associated with marital partners, in-laws and

other family members. Touch and make me whole.

In the twenty third year Lord, heal all of the traumas of trying to adjust to marriage. Touch all the misunderstandings

and anger that come from these adjustments.

Into the twenty fourth and twenty fifth years, heal any frustrations and feelings of abandonment, perhaps because of illness. Set me free and fill e with your Spirit. Thank you Lord, for touching the first twenty five years.

Touch the twenty sixth year, especially any pain associated with death of someone close: grandmother, father, mother, sister, child friend, neighbour. Heal the traumas of death and set me free from fear of death.

In the twenty seventh and twenty eighth years, touch me deeply as I adjust to single living. Let you Spirit flow through


In the twenty ninth year heal all the feelings of rejection, misunderstandings, false accusations. Touch me deeply and

heal me Lord.

Fill me with your spirit in the thirtieth. Thank you Lord for healing the first thirty years of my life.

In the thirties Lord, touch the 31st, 32nd and 33rd years. Heal all and the anxieties and fears, all the care and

concerns about the children and anxieties of work.

In the 34th year Lord please touch problems of drinking in the family. Heal the trauma of difficult decisions.

Jesus and Mary, take me into the 35th and 36th years of my life. Touch and heal all arguments with neighbours.

Into the 37th and 38th years, touch all the fears associated with job loss, financial responsibilities and growing old.

Touch the 39th and 40th years Lord. Thank you for touching the first forty years of my life. Mary my mother, give me

the sense of closeness, warmth and love.

Lord touch all the turmoil and change in the 41st and 42nd years.

Touch all the traumas of mid-life crisis in the 43rd and 44th years: children leaving home; rejection by a spouse.

Touch and heal me Lord.

In the 45th year, Lord heal the feeling of failure, feelings that I have not achieved professionally. Also touch the

feelings of not having achieved as a Christian and the temptations of Faith. Lord touch, heal, and make me whole.

Into the 46th year, touch the traumas of children leaving home and marital discord.

In the 47th year, touch any anxiety over grandchildren.

Take me gently through the 48th and 49th years Lord.

Touch the fifteath year, Lord heal the first fifty years of life. Set me free and fill me with your Spirit.

Touch, heal and make whole the 51st year Lord.

In the 52nd, 53rd, 54th and 55th years Lord, let your Spirit move. Touch all those deep fears, especially fears of


In the 56th and 57th years touch fears of sickness and loneliness.

Touch the fears of the 58th year: family moving away, loss of marriage partner. Touch and heal those traumas Lord.

In the 59th year, touch the pains of being out of touch with your children. Heal the hurt Lord.

Touch the 60th year, Lord heal the first 60 years of my life.

In the 61st year, heal the feelings of being unwanted, not needed, unappreciated and not understood.

Lord, take me gently into the 62nd, 63rd, and 64th ears and heal the feeling of approaching retirement.

In the 65th year, Lord heal the traumas of seeing death in my family.

Lord Jesus, Take me gently through the sixties and into the seventies. Let your healing love flow through these years

and into the eighties. Lord touch me powerfully in the eighties, as I prepare for my heavenly homecoming. Complete all

the unfinished business in my life. Let me look back through my life with eyes of forgiveness and eyes of love. Let your

love, healing, and forgiveness permeate every moment of my life. Thank you Lord for all the healings of my life.

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